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Myofascial Release and Pin and Stretch are both hands-on techniques where a low to medium force is applied to the muscle to release restrictions and restore range of motion. 

It is also thought to provide a neural inhibition response through the spinal cord to relax muscles. Specific muscles are targeted depending on the concern.   

Rock Tape is an elastic adhesive tape applied to skin on various aspects of the body. It helps to alleviate pain seen in instability and inflammation by addressing blood, lymphatic flow, and muscular imbalances. 

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is a technique aimed to break down scar tissue that has been laid down haphazardly, increase blood flow to stimulate fibroblasts which start the healing process in areas of injury.

This technique is most useful for chronic injuries that have not responded to other myofasical releases. An instrument (usually stainless steel) is used across the injured area. It is not a comfortable procedure but can have lasting results.   

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