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How to NOT let a pimple ruin your wedding day!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Cue wedding season!! 👰 So for 6 months straight you've been having THE BEST skin of your life and 1 week before your wedding 💢 BAM 💢 out pops a zit! 😅

Have no fear Dr. Mel is here! 🙏

Try out my spot PIMPLE treatment - tested and currently using 😳 Use a 2 oz Amber/cobalt blue glass bottle (ideally with a cream pump): Fill 2/3 of it up with jojoba oil 10 drops tea tree essential oil 5 drops lavender essential oil 10 drops frankincense essential oil -Pump on your finger or Q-tip & apply to pimple. Voila!

No jojoba oil? Try either: grapeseed oil, witch hazel, water.

No patience? Try 1 drop of tea tree oil on a Q-tip/cotton pad directly on the pimple. Be warned! This oil is very strong & dries out your skin so if you are sensitive do not try this, especially if the skin is broken!

*I used this EARLY, probably the 2nd day I felt and saw a huge red pimple on my nose (unbroken) and it started to die down within 2 days!*

My Skin Routine

I started slow with my essential oil facial journey and first made a face serum (see below). I used a regular face cleanser (bought from Wal-Mart) and applied the serum afterwards to a clean face. I also found myself using it a lot in the winter because my skin was super dry - especially after a morning swim with all the chlorine. As a result, I've noticed a drastic difference in the amount of breakouts I had (even with all the stress of school).

Face Serum

Use 2 oz amber/cobalt blue glass bottle:

1 oz jojoba oil

1 oz almond oil

10 drops Frankincense EO

10 drops Lavender EO

5 drops Geranium EO

5 drops Helicrysium EO

5 drops Cypress EO

Witch Hazel

I started using this in undergrad as a toner and noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. Again, I use it after I wash my face via a cotton pad and before I put on a serum. I've read that using witch hazel (especially the one without alcohol removed) is too much on the face but I have not noticed any negative effects. So if you know you have sensitive skin try using the milder alcohol-free version (or skip this step entirely).

Morning and Night Face Scrub

I was at the Kitchener Summer Lights Festival this year and made my own face scrub with The Eco Well and it's amazing! It uses all natural ingredients and was super easy.

Morning Coffee Face Scrub

-Fill half with ground coffee

-Top it off with grapeseed oil

-5-10 drops of grapefruit EO

Shake it all up until it is "scrub-like".

Evening Lavender Face Scrub

Use a 2 oz round amber glass jar.

-Fill half with sugar (brown, white or raw)

-Top it off with grapeseed oil

-5-10 drops of lavender EO

Shake it all up until it is "scrub-like".

I don't use scrubs often - maybe once every 2 weeks so. But these definitely beat the ones you buy in store!

Try them out and see how you feel!


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