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Inversions for breech babies

🤰How do you deal with breech babies?

There are so many techniques out there that help with labour, but all of them have their time and place since labour itself is comprised of SO MANY different situations. It all depends on what your baby is doing.

For example, if you search up a series of exercises out there to combat a particular injury, like "knee rehab", not all of those exercises will work for you. Likewise, one technique that is aimed to get baby through the pelvic inlet, may not be good for babies stuck in the midpelvis or outlet.

If your baby is BREECH, inversions can be a useful tool during pregnancy - it can increase space and slacken ligaments that may not allow baby to turn. Note: inversions during labour, serve a different purpose!

Try these exercises anytime after 30 weeks. Even if you know you want to try for an ECV (external cephalic version), these exercises may help with that outcome!

Do not do inversions if you have a history of stroke, high blood pressure, shoulder injuries. Consult your practitioner if you have questions!

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