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Topics to think about during your pregnancy

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Planning your pregnancy! Don't know where to start? You don't know what you don't know yet. Here are some topics to think about.

General preferences during labour

1. Have you completed a prenatal class? Will you?

2. Fears about birth. Have you thought of any?

3. Have you had any previous birth trauma?

4. Do you have a preference for labouring at home? If not, where are you most comfortable?

5. Do you have to make special arrangements if you go into labour? (ie. do you have kids/pets/other family members that need supervision if you are not able to).

6. Who do you want with you during the birth of your baby?

7. Where do you want to have your baby? (hospital, home, birthing centre).

8. Do you know the pros and cons of having a vaginal birth AND cesarean birth?

9. Do you know the process of both?

10. Do you have a preference on how you want to give birth? Why?

11. What hospital are you going to? Did you take a tour or do a walkthrough of the hospital yet?


1. GBS (group B streptococcocus)

2. Artificial rupture of membranes.

3. Narcotics

4. Epidural

5. External fetal monitoring

6. Pushing positions

7. Dilation

8. Effacement

9. Episiotomy

10. Vacuum/forceps

11. Cord clamping and cutting of umbilical cord

12. Immediate skin to skin contact.

13. Breastfeeding

14. Erythromycin in baby’s eyes (antibiotic for STI’s)

15. Vitamin K for baby (blood clotting):

16. Circumcision

17. Pitocin

18. Perineal massage

19. Posterior baby, “sunny-side up”, breech baby, “head down baby”.

20. ECV - External cephalic Version.

21. Female reproductive anatomy (google it… lol).

Other Preferences

1. Do you have a history of mental illness?

2. Do you deal with postpartum depression? (It can be experienced at any point in pregnancy - before, during, and after birthing a baby).

3. What support do you think your partner needs/wants during the pregnancy process (if any)?

4. What do you think your partner’s fears are?

5. What are methods of natural induction?

6. Do you know any alternative treatments and therapies during pregnancy?

7. Do you have a list of important numbers written down? (ie. OB/midwife, doula, support team, emergency contact, birth location, health card information, pertinent medical information).

8. If you know where you are giving birth, do you have the childbirth registration forms completed? Photocopied just in case? :)

9. Do you know/practice any comfort measures during labour?

10. Do you enjoy soothing touch when in pain?

11. Do you have a birthing bag packed? What goes in it?

12. Do you want someone to take photos during your birth?

13. Is there other medical information you have not disclosed to your health team? (ie. past/present medical history, allergies, etc).

14. Are you too afraid to stop and ask your health practitioner (OB, midwife etc) a question? Don't be! Yes, we are busy people, but you are paying us to help you!

15. When in doubt, you know your body the best, don’t be afraid to express how you feel.

By no means does this list have ALL the things to consider but gives you a good starting point!

Have more questions? Feel free to send me a message! Email:

Instagram: @dr.melody.dc


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