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Many issues can start at the feet! The feet are the foundation of the human body and if they are not in perfect alignment, your legs and pelvis may follow in the same pattern. This creates pain in other parts of the body such as your ankles, knees, hips and low back. 

I use the FOOTMAXX system. We custom mold your feet and go through a gait analysis scan. 

Gait Analysis

Your gait cycle is a sequence of patterns that your whole body goes through when you walk. Analysis of your gait helps determine what alignment and movement patterns need to be addressed.


A custom report with detailed information is generated, which helps create the best orthotic for YOU. Eight key foot landmarks are isolated and tracked throughout the stances of gait as you walk across our scanner which analyzes a foot in motion at 150 images per second. 


*Appointments are 60 minutes in length which include assessment, treatment/adjustment, orthotic fitting, gait analysis, and pair of orthotics. 

Different types of orthotics are available and can be discussed upon visit (dress, sports performance, diabetic etc). 

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