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Yuen Kut Lam's Herbal Tea

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

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With all these weather changes, build up of stress, not eating our best, indulging in holiday snacks (the list goes on!), most of us has had at least one bout of immune issue this year.

Sneezing, fatigue, coughs, aches & pains be gone! Ever since we were young we were all told to drink tea... But what kinds of teas??! Definitely not your mocha chai non-fat no foam medium whip nay nay tea.

Yuen Kut Lam's Herbal Tea has helped me get through these tough times. It consists of a mixture of 28 herbal ingredients! Does not taste great but it definitely is better than most. Link in bio for details about it!

Ps. You can get it at your local international (Asian) grocery or herbal store. T&T Supermarket opens SOON in Waterloo (Erb & University).

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