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Optimal Positioning

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

optimal positioning, pregnancy, icpa, Ohm, knee chair
📷: Jeanne Ohm, DC - Pathways to Family Wellness, Spring 2017.

In preparing for birth, the most desirable position that baby should be in is termed left occiput anterior (LOA). This is when the back of baby’s head (occiput) is anterior (facing the front). Other positions make it more difficult for labour and delivery. Babies move in all directions throughout pregnancy but typically settle into their position for birth at around 35-37 weeks. Don’t fret if you’re past this point and your ultrasound demonstrates a breech position! There are many things you can do to help baby get into their comfy spot - LOA.

Besides seeing a chiropractor to assess the position of your pelvis, there are things you are able to do at home! One simple tip - especially for all you working mommas, is to NOT SLOUCH! Ouch! 😣 This jams up the little space baby has into an even smaller spot.

Try sitting on the edge of your office chair or on the kneeling chair depicted above. This allows your hips to be rocked forward and knees lower than your hips. Your pelvis will open up and baby might realize there’s a better position to be in. As you’re trying this right now, you’ll start to notice that is easier to sit in an upright position. 💪




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